My new Photobook 'For Internal Use Only' doesn't exist. At least, not yet. Influenced by the 3D printing phenomenon, and Ikea's flat pack processes, you can download the book - for free - but you have to build it.

The photographs in the book depict the office workplace, an environment where there is an emphasis on worker productivity. What is evident however, is that workers continually struggle to fit into this rigid framework, adopting strategies to effectively navigate the working world. Some of these strategies are at odds with the pursuit of productivity, and could be seen (by the company) as ‘time-wasting activity’, or distraction from achieving objectives.

To own the book, you are instructed to download the book, print it out (double-sided) at work and bind it using whatever materials are available. To make the finished product an official copy and a numbered edition, a photograph of it in the workplace must be emailed to In doing so, you are acting on company time, using company resources. Is this just one of many distractions from your agreed objectives? Or just another strategy for workplace survival?

The photographs from the project are only available by downloading the book. The website doesn’t reveal the project itself, but instead shows the photographs that people have taken of the printed and bound book situated in their workplace.

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